Your Complete Online Guide to Shooting Incredible Drone Photography Like a Professional...

Friday, July 5th at 4:00 PM ET


Want to shoot breathtaking drone photography? This course is designed to take you from beginner to professional drone photographer as quickly as possible.

How to shoot like a professional by utilizing the principles of shot composition.

How to professionally edit your drone photos in Lightroom.

How to optimize your drone camera settings for taking the best photos.

How to shoot stunning night photography with your drone.

BONUS Photoshop sky replacement tutorial for taking your drone photos to the next level.

What They Are Saying About This Training...

The instructor clearly has a great deal of experience and is giving the student the benefit of that experience. Cool tips & tricks are a nice bonus. I was already doing a lot of what was taught, but completely by coincidence. It was nice to confirm my instincts, and then add to the parts I was missing. I highly recommend this course.
Paul Proto
I just got out of the hospital from a serious fall and can't do the assignments. Plus I just purchased my drone and it is in shipment. I'll definitely be going over this again........... He gives a delivery that is rare. To the point with just enough info. Some presenters take 10 minutes to give 3 minutes of information. I wanted a sixth start for this one. Thanks
Robert Elvinphotographer
This course is great!! It has all ready improved my personal experience flying and exploring drone photography. As someone that is an experienced flyer, but not so experienced photographer I found everything in the course valuable. Well done!
John Doughphotographer / fashion interactive
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